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Darklands :: The Jesus and Mary Chain
from the album Darklands

Darklands is a song by the Scottish rock band The Jesus & Mary Chain and the third single from their album of the same name, Darklands. It was released in October 1987 by Blanco y Negro Records on 7-inch vinyl, 10-inch vinyl, 12-inch vinyl and as a CD single. The 10-inch and the CD were entitled “E.P.”.

The single reached # 33 on the UK Singles Chart and # 23 on the Irish Singles Chart.

William Reid was the producer for all the tracks with Bill Price co-producing Darklands and John Loder co-producing Rider, On the Wall (Porta Studio Demo), Here It Comes Again and Surfin’ U.S.A. (April out-take)”, from the Darklands album.

Editor’s Note: There is something so sleepy melodic too this song, it soothes while at the same time floating me back to a certain Summer in my life, and a particular long afternoon spent with a boy, lying side-by-side on my childhood bedroom floor, silently taking in the music playing. This moment, this afternoon, was the best we would ever be together, and it is also the most poignant memory for me of he and I. Perhaps because of how musically charged the memory is of that afternoon it has become overly-romanticized. So be it, I enjoy thinking back on that day, and the music that swirled around the two of us.


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