My Top 300 :: 56-60


56. Stealing Beauty

Breathtakingly beautiful, this is one of those movies I just want to slip into and disappear to for a extended vacation. The film feels like a painting come to life, a painting with vivid and lush colors, with a backing soundtrack that is dreamy and seductive. Liv Tyler is exquisite in this.


From the soundtrack:

2 Wicky :: Hooverphonic

Glory Box :: Portishead

Alice :: Cocteau Twins


57. Paris, Texas

Moody, melancholic and yet quiet life-affirming, Paris, Texas is one of those movies that has always held a bit of magic to me. It is also one of those movies that is forever connected to a time, and a significant person, from my life. The first time we watched it (my first time seeing the film) we were in a run down revival theater, we were so very young and so naive, yet at the time I remember we both felt so old.

Opening scene
with music from the soundtrack (1)

58. Lola Rennt (Run Lola Run)

Heart-stopping, fast-paced story about alternate reality (I love alternate reality stories), this movie had me breathless the first time I watched it. I felt exhausted from the experience, feeling as if I had been running through realities along with Lola. Lola is one of my all-time favorite fictional characters.

Movie clip

From the soundtrack:

Running Three :: Tom Tykwer, Franka Potente and Thomas D


59. Igby Goes Down

The feel of this movie is literary, with characters that feel plucked out of the pages of some of my favorite novels. I love the unconventional friendships and the intense vulnerability that we are given in this film. Even when it is hard to watch I cannot stop watching, and caring, about these flawed characters.


From the soundtrack:

Bohemian Like You :: Dandy Warhols

Don’t Panic :: Coldplay

The Weight :: Travis

60. Zach & Miri Make a Porno

I am a huge Kevin Smith fan, so quite often it is a given that I will love his films. I had heard/read quite a lot of negative reviews about this one (even from fans), but went to see it regardless – and was glad I did. I love the portrayal of friendship, the realistic struggles of getting by (not often seen in film) and the unconventional love story that the movie tells.

Confrontation scene

From the soundtrack:

Hey :: Frank Black

Dreaming :: Blondie

Hold Me Up :: Live

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