Did it all get real? :: VOTD

Easy/Lucky/Free :: Bright Eyes
from the album Digital Ash in a Digital Urn
Directed by Lauri Faggioni and Lily Thorne

Easy/Lucky/Free is a single by the band Bright Eyes from their album Digital Ash in a Digital Urn. It was released July 25, 2005.

Bright Eyes is a rock band from Omaha, Nebraska that was formed in 1998 by Conor Oberst. The group consists of Conor Oberst (singer-songwriter/guitarist), Mike Mogis (multi-instrumentalist/producer), Nate Walcott (trumpet and keyboards), and a rotating lineup of collaborators drawn primarily from Omaha’s indie music scene.

The group has released albums of various styles including two different albums on the same day in January 2005. The group has had some limited success with several albums reaching the top 25 on the Billboard charts in the US and the UK with their, Cassadaga, reaching # 4.

Easy/Lucky/Free reached # 42 on Billboard in the United Kingdom.

Easy/Lucky/Free features a semi-iconic music video in which a young Conor Oberst writes and illustrates the lyrics of the song on a clear glass panel just in the foreground of the camera. It is a simple yet effective way to show the artistry and the pain of Bright Eyes’ lead singer and songwriter.

The lyrics address dealing with understanding the brevity of life, inevitability of death, and importance of facing it with gratitude (though it may be ironic) anyway: “Don’t you weep for now. There is nothing as lucky, as easy, or free.”

The song was featured in the 2008 Mexican film Voy a Explotar.

Editor’s Note: The first time I heard this song I was riding around Chicago with a good friend of mine. The sun was starting to set and the city lights were starting to turn on all around us. This was the short span of time before Chicago would come to be defined as bittersweet and heart-breaking to me. This was the short span of time where I felt like the city just might be the place for me.


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