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This week’s “Stuck in my Head” songs:

Monday: Starman :: David Bowie

I sat cross-legged on the floor of my bedroom, 16 years old, reading a worn copy of The Shining and listening to a mix tape that I had made of songs discovered from Duran Duran. My friends and I devoured anything and everything written about the band, and its members, and through this feast I had discovered a plethora of songs I would grow to love. Starman was a favorite listed by my favorite, Nick Rhodes.

Tuesday: God Only Knows :: The Beach Boys

I grew up in a household that was “Team Beatles” being as my Mother was of the generation where you were either a Beatles fan or a Beach Boys fan. Because of this my Beach Boys knowledge was limited to California Girls and moments of confusion when I confused a Jan and Dean song with the Beach Boys. When a friend played me Pet Sounds for the first time I found myself quite taken by the “sounds” of the album, this song in particular.

Wednesday: Metro :: Berlin

I once wrote a short story about the girl in this song, back around the time it was first getting airplay. The “soldier” beside her on the train had blue-black hair and wore eyeliner, and the uniform looked more New Romantic than actual military, in my imagination. The lyric “I remember hating you for loving me” has always been a favorite of mine.

Thursday: I Know It :: Madonna

Not a song I think of when I think of Madonna’s first album, yet I still woke up with it spinning and repeating in my head. Listening to it now I feel like the mood, sound and lyrics are mis-matched – it feels more poppy than I remembered. In my “stuck in my head” recall it had a stronger, more edgy feel to it, more Burning Up than Borderline kind of early Madonna sound.

Friday: All These Things That I’ve Done :: The Killers

On my list of favorite songs of all-time. I love the way this song builds verse on verse, gaining pulse and power, until we get the big release of the final chorus. This is such a great driving and singing-a-long “car concert” kind of song.

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  1. Pet Sounds was the best album The Beach Boys ever did as far as I am concerned. Nice songs to be stuck in your head.

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