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Angel of Death :: Honeyhoney
Directed by Bradley Scott

Angel of Death is the opening tune from Honeyhoney’s debut album, Billy Jack. IFC premiered the riveting video and had this to say about the “heartbreakers and murderers” theme of Honeyhoney’s take on the Angel of Death:

This endearing yet dangerous duality (heartbreakers and murderers) made it’s way into the video for Angel of Death too, which betrays its meaning up front. But they (Honeyhoney) make dying look pretty good. “All I know is that Suzanne really wanted to get naked and Ben wanted to kill people,” director Bradley Scott said, “So we compromised.”

I’d really just like to thank everyone that contributed,” Scott added. “This was a real friends and family effort — especially our talented cast.”

Press play on the video above and keep an eye out for cameos from Paget Brewster, Martin Starr, Joe Rogan, Jim Turner, and Jason Ritter, who gets caught with his fly down.

Editor’s Note: I had the musical luck to catch Honeyhoney open up for Ryan Bingham a few months back at the House of Blues in Anaheim, California. Honeyhoney completely blew me away. First thing on returning home I searched for any and all music I could find of theirs – and this was the first video I happened upon. Though it was not a song they played live that night, I enjoyed it all the same – I especially the “mini-movie” feel of the video itself.


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