And I kissed a girl with a broken jaw that her father gave to her. 
She had eyes bright enough to burn me,
they reminded me of yours.”

Slowly she began to realize that the love she wrapped around herself
was made up of caught in her throat chance decisions
and the wavering and wandering desires of every other whim
but her own

She slips and slides into well-rehearsed chaste moments
that one would swear was fated and cast by the stroke of some star-crossed love
reigned in and provoked by a moon glow,
or some other mysterious magic
meant for every kind of ever after

But she knows the paths and maps
of all those in-betweens

the picture that each person secretly longs for
yet rarely utters aloud
unwrap the right truths and all those locked up fantasies
come falling out to land right there
at her feet

She should have been a courtesan instead
with brightly colored flowing dresses to hide within
and slashes criss-crossed on her pale white skin
outlines where wings would be
in another life
on a different girl
anyone else but her

Lost among this shadow boxed inside-out lie of love
have they caught any glimpse of who she is at all
Is it fair to blame them if they cannot see something
that she has made completely invisible
to everyone

He thinks he knows her already
they all think they know her so well

no one really knows her at all
The Calendar Hung Itself (live) :: Bright Eyes

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