The Sweetest Thing :: Camera Obscura

The Sweetest Thing is song # 2, and single # 2, on Camera Obscura’s 2009 album, My Maudlin Career. My Maudlin Career is the 4th studio album by the Scottish indie pop band. The album was released in April 2009 via 4AD and, like its predecessor, was produced by Jari Haapalainen of The Bear Quartet. The string and horn arrangements are by Björn Yttling, of Peter Bjorn and John.

Kevin Liedel of Slate Magazine wrote “The result is not nearly as novel or dorkishly handsome as Country, but it still manages to exude addictive gorgeousness… Luckily, for both the album and its audience, the band’s perseverance results in hits more often than misses.”

From music blog, We Listen For You: “As for my favorite hits from the album? The top spot goes to ‘The Sweetest Thing’. Everything that makes Camera Obscura a great band is packed into here: their vintage sound, sweeping music, beautiful vocals and overall enjoyment.”

Editor’s Notes: Feels like simple Summertime carelessness but “reads” like another heartbreak tonight kind of goodbye letter. I love the juxtaposition of sound and sentiment, a break-up song that feels more like “fun in the sun“.


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