I want to see it shine :: SOTD


Keep Art Alive :: Art by Kris Lewis

There’s a world outside my doorstep,
flames over everyone hot.
Don’t you see them shining?
I wanna hear them beating for me.”

There are whispers down the blue flame lit corridors of my mind, the voices they ricochet off the painted over cracks, echoing, singing to me, reminding me that I have been down this road before. These tattoos I wear, invisible unless held under a blue light of wonder and wanting, they are stories disguised as scars that could tell you who I am, but oh how tired I grow of wishing for someone to tell them to.

I always thought it would be so much easier “at this age“, that the tears would dry, that my face would still and settle to a resigned kind of calm, and that I would land on something this side of happiness. Yet here I am, wandering gypsy soul heart of mine, hands still shaking, my insides still feeling as a moth flying far too close to the light, that blue light, as it calls to me, still trying not to burn, but longing to burn, all the same.

Little darling, broken hearted woman of the ocean tide and city lights, mother, lover, wandering soul, you have been here before. But oh how good it feels to near that door, to answer the ringing, raging, rallying of flesh and bones, words and whispers, seasons and sighs. Oh how lovely it all feels when the music starts to build.

Blue Light (live) :: Mazzy Star

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