And if you said jump in the river,
I would,
because it would probably be,
a good idea.”

You chased me to the edge of the water, the cacophony of shared laughter filling the late night sky, I could feel the hem of my dress slapping at my thighs as we ran, the silver tinged shiver of excitement and the cool blowing air bringing pin-prickle skin to my surfaces. The city around us was alive with every kind of noise and midnight living that one could imagine, the light pollution lit up everything, casting an otherworldly glow. You know, we could have gone anywhere, been anywhere, lost ourselves in a crowd, but no, we were there instead, just the two of us, by the side of that rented pool.

I made a joke about Henry and Anais, you crinkled your nose saying “I didn’t know you were old enough to have known them“, literary intellect as much of an aphrodisiac as your glowing green eyes, and the laughter dancing within them. Did you know how much of everything I would have given, how easily I would have said yes if you had said to me, by that chlorine laced water, “come and run away”?

But for that night I did not run away with you, not completely, though one might argue that my heart did run. Instead, I slipped into the water with you, letting myself sink under, and get so very carried away, under the water, with you.

Jump in the River :: Sinead O’Connor

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