Repo the Genetic Opera

51. Repo! The Genetic Opera

I was immediately reminded of both Rocky Horror Picture Show and some of the Goth-Cabarets I have been to. I was transfixed and delighted, and immediately wanted to watch again. Great cast – most notably from Anthony Head, Alexa Vega and Terrance Zdunich (crush-worthy Gravedigger, who also played the role on stage and was one of the show’s/movie’s creators).


Zydrate Anatomy


52. The Last Kiss

I have a soft spot for Zach Braff and for coming of age type stories, and not just the “young adult/adolescent” coming of age fare. I also am a lover of unconventional love stories between flawed people. Michael’s “crisis”, whether permanent or not, is so relatable to me, as well – I feel like I have felt like how Michael feels so much, and more than once, actually.

Permanent crisis

Warning Sign :: Coldplay


53. Once

A story about musicians, told through the sharing of songs, that is real and beautiful and heartbreaking, is what Once is to me. How could I not fall hard for a movie like that? There are moments so personal in this movie that it feels like I am interrupting a life, and overstepping boundaries watching it transpire – what a wow-worthy feeling that is.

Say It To Me Now

Falling Slowly


54. Thor

I am a comic book geek, that said, Thor was never a favorite comic book story of mine, that is, until I saw the 2011 movie. I will admit that much of that has to do with how hard I fell for the character of Loki, and how much my heart went out to his side of the story (sometimes I fall for the bad guy, it happens). The movie is full of great performances, as well, and some unforgettable moments, both on Asgard and on Midgard (Earth).


Running Up That Hill :: Track & Field

practical magic

55. Practical Magic

Strong female friendship, unconventional love, and unexpected family are things that I love to see done well. I also have a soft spot for eccentric, small town stories. A little magic (and midnight margaritas) don’t hurt either.

Midnight margaritas

Crystal :: Stevie Nicks

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