All things go, all things go :: Stuck In My Head Weekly Round-Up


A fellow blogger who I follow and enjoy, BeautifulOrange, sometimes shares the songs that are stuck in his head, and I have often enjoyed the ecclectic lists of songs shared. I thought I would start keeping track of my “stuck in my head” songs and share them every Friday. I will warn all the Lyriquediscorde readers and listeners now, the songs “stuck in my head” often have no rhyme or reason, and are sometimes delightful and at other times near annoying, but always random and varied. Following is this week’s five:

Monday: Movin’ Right Along :: The Muppets

I have not seen The Muppet Movie since childhood, though at the time of release I did own the soundtrack, which I did play often. It is a favorite movie of mine, so full of surprising guest stars and catchy songs. Catchy as they may be, it was still unexpected to wake up with song, and to have it “movin’ along” with me all the rest of my day.

Tuesday: King for a Day :: Thompson Twins

One of my favorite Thompson Twins songs, and a favorite love song of mine, this one was not as surprising as it is a song I listen to now and again. It has some special significance to a love of mine. The song may be over the top 80’s, but it has beautifully heartfelt lyrics.

Wednesday: Shine Like It Does :: Inxs

The 80’s influence continued when I woke up with this Inxs song spinning through my mind. Another beautifully heartfelt lyrically rich song, and most certainly a favorite song of mine. That said, it has been quite awhile since I have listened to it.

Thursday: We Built This City :: Starship

Why oh why did this song have to circle my thoughts for a near 24-hour period? Not a favorite, though catchy as hell, the chorus just kept on and on until I wanted to scream. I am almost afraid to push play lest it happens again.

Friday: Chicago (live, acoustic) :: Sufjan Stevens

A forever favorite song of mine, especially the acoustic version. This one never fails to make me cry, so having it stuck in my head all day was rather precarious. I do not feel well today, though, so the heavy emotions this song brings on just hit me harder, and brought the tears on stronger.

2 thoughts on “All things go, all things go :: Stuck In My Head Weekly Round-Up

  1. So glad that I inspired you to write this! And it’s kind of a perfect ‘stuck in my head’ list… completely random and way too catchy. I think that We Built This City is probably the classic ‘stuck in my head’ song!

    1. Thank you & hey, thank you for the inspiration…it is fun to keep track.

      I think there is some collective consciousness that streams We Built This City and Don’t Stop Believin’ to musically “stuck in the head” mind control us!

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