I left my soul there, 
down by the Sea.
I lost control here, 
living free.”

We used to drive down Pacific Coast Highway, windows rolled down, music on high, the ocean breeze weaving patterns within the blowing tendrils of our hair, creating a blend of blonde and brown. We would find a different spot of beach to stop at every late afternoon that Summer, walking down winding stairs, or barefoot across sun heated sand. We would sit as close to the water’s edge as we possibly could, just a fingertip length away from each incoming wave, teasing our toe tips with the sudden shock of cold salt water.

It was there in the close proximity of water that we would start to come down. The chemicals taking their serpentining slither out of our bloodstream, the pulse pound of alcohol escaping from widened pores, as confessions of things we only told each other started to fall from last night’s lipsticked lips. We were each other’s confidantes, one another’s better half, soul twins barely tethered to reality, our fingers interlocking together the only thing keeping us on dry land.

You know all my secrets,” she whispered, moving in closer, her warm breath sending pin-prickles of feeling down my spine, “you and the Sea.”

Maybe we should have been mermaids.” I murmured in return, leaning in closer still, until it all felt as if we were one being, one us, one instead of two. Until it was just she and me, and the Sea.

The sun is shining,
the Water’s clear. 
Just you and I walk along the pier.”

The Sea :: Morcheeba

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