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With the recent release of California, Mazzy Star’s new track, and with the anticipation of a new, long-awaited Mazzy Star album, Paste Magazine put together their list of “The 10 Best Mazzy Star Songs“. Being that it is list crazy over here at Lyriquediscorde, I had to put together my own top 10 list, of course. Though there was some song overlap, as one might expect, there were some choices that veered off in their own direction.

Here is my list of Top 10 Mazzy Star songs:

10. Happy, from the album Among My Swan

Cold outside,
burns a great big hole in my heart.
I’ll just wait,
’til you’re happy,
and your smile makes it right.
It makes it right

Happy is such a subjective and precarious word, loaded with hope, but also waited with disappointment. Waiting for someone to find their sense of happy whilst you are intertwined with them, especially in a lovers relationship, leaves its own set of damage in you. We all wish for happiness even if none of us know what that is.


9. Ride It On, from She Hangs Brightly

And you still want to be with me,
but you’re leaving like you said that you would

Impossible love, the appeal may be deliriously delicious, but the outcome usually leaves the heart unrequited, and the loneliness vast and wide. He says he’s leaving, that he is going back to a life where you never belonged, but he still wants to be with you, still loves, still wishes – and in that, the pain outweighs any of the wonder that love brings. It turns love into poison, and into a painful goodbye.


8. Ghost Highway, from She Hangs Brightly

You’re a ghost on the highway,
and I’ll love you forever

The desert stretched out, long and treacherous, as I drove away in the middle of the day late Summer heat. He was there with me, in the background, in the stereo speaker sounds, in the rear view of my memory, like a ghost trailing behind me. I was running fast, trying to outrun what I could not face, but there was no escaping how I felt inside, no way to outrun the ghost of lost love, not this time.


7. Five String Serenade, from So Tonight That I Might See

And on my easel I drew,
while I was thinkin’ of you,
and on the roof of my head,
in came my five string serenade

Such a gorgeous cover of Arthur Lee. Sometimes it is the music that motivates, sometimes conversations just spoken, or the memory of a lover long gone by. The muse she strikes unexpectedly, sometimes tearing at the core of the artist as the art spills out, and other times, acting as a soft place to land into a cloud-like pillow soft bed of inspiration.


6. Blue Light, from the album So Tonight That I Might See

There’s a blue light in my best friend’s room.
There’s a blue light in his eyes

We crossed that line between us, between friends and lovers, between love and lust, and at first the other side was heart-staggering beautiful. When the cold winds came, when the distance overtook the beauty, and when doubt turned to drifting turned to demise, the bluest blue of heartbreak came to rest in my heart. I missed the late night blue lit stars in the sky, and I missed the blue lit spark of your eyes.


5. Be My Angel, from She Hangs Brightly

Don’t say it’s useless,
don’t say forget it,
don’t bring me wishes of silly dreams

I grew sick of your denial, of the word never mixed up in your promises of forever, and of the way you were always so quick to walk away. You never did believe in us, you never did believe in love. I was just the angel girl who you would blame for every misplaced scar of yesterday, the one who made you some kind of devil boy.


4. Flowers in December, from Among My Swan

“They say every man goes blind in his heart,
and they say everybody steals somebody’s heart away.”

He sent this song to me once in the contents of a love letter. It stuck with me ever since. Even now, with so much time and miles between us, it is us, a long lost in the past us, a memory of us, all captured up in a song.


3. Halah, from She Hangs Brightly

Maybe I hold you to blame for all the reasons,
that you left.
And close my eyes,
still I see your surprise,
and you’re leaving before my time.
Baby, won’t you change your mind

I never thought it would be a final exit that would end us for good. Apart was the only answer at the time, but a part of me half-wondered if we could work our way back to together again, someday, maybe, somehow. But, you stole that option completely when you left us, and the world, for good.


2. Fade Into You, from So Tonight That I Might See

I look to you and I see nothing.
I look to you to see the truth

Part of me will forever hang on to the tangled up strings of the one that got away. His face, the crinkle lines around his blue eyes, the way he pronounced words in the thick heat of the middle of the night, and the way his lips felt on mine, they are stuck forever inside of me. You were Jesse to my Celine, the spaces in-between, and the pages left unwritten of one hell of an epic love story.


1. Into Dust, from So Tonight That I Might See

I could possibly be fading,
or have something more to gain.
I could feel myself growing colder.
I could feel myself under your fate

How do you forget someone who changed you so completely? How do you forgive someone who left you and your dreams behind? How do you reconcile the end of a long-held wish?


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