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Keep Art Alive :: Pink Pink :: Art by 1022

All of her lovers all talk of her notes,
and the flowers,
that they never sent.
And wasn’t she easy?
And isn’t she pretty in pink?”

(by me)

Bumble bee sting tumid blush wine colored lips
melancholy and vicious
bloody and beautiful
I drew them on the bottom of my sneakers
painted them into the sleeves of my math book,
the science one, too

I drew that mouth on sidewalk corners in chalk
pink and green and blue
magic marker in hand I scribbled the outline of her
smile on the bathroom stall door
right next to Harry sucks and Melanie and John

I was haunted by the shape of them
the heart pucker kiss and tongue through the teeth gap
I wanted to shrink down to the size of a pea
to a piece of raspberry gum
a lemonlime sucker

I wanted to live between the contours
hanging between the chapped bottom middle
and the bow at the top
be there to taste the coffee
to stain the cup
to whisper “I want you

I am sketching those lips now
carving them into the wood desk below me
scratching them into my left arm
where the skin is soft and viable
where those lips can always be

Pretty In Pink :: The Psychedelic Furs

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