Smells Like Teen Spirit (live) :: 2Cellos

1. Unexpected music moments that blow me away are in my top five best feelings ever category. Seriously, the way that it makes me feel to discover something musically that surprises and shocks me in a good way, gives me chills everywhere, and makes me want to go and tell everyone “you have to hear this” is one of those amazing things in life that make me glad to be alive.

2. This is one of those songs that you have to hear. I mean it, completely, press play because “you have to hear this“.

3. One of my favorite things about these two amazing musicians is the way they communicate with each other through the music, it is as if their cellos are talking, speaking through the movement and music, it is remarkable to watch.

4. This version of Smells Like Teen Spirit makes me wish that Kurt was still alive. I would love to have known what he thought of it, wouldn’t you?

5. The original song is part of a forever playlist from 1992, a year that changed just about everything about who I am and who I would become. It is a song that never loses its magic to me, nor its ability to evoke emotion from me, big emotions, and this version does it, too, in a big and amazing and “you have to hear this” way.

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