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Miko :: The Chain Gang of 1974

Miko, the new release from genre-jumping singer/multi-instrumentalist Kamtin Mohager’s creation coined The Chain Gang of 1974 is danceable, dark and delicious pop which has me imagining members of New Order and Bauhaus throwing a backyard barbecue (yes, at night) and invited the likes of The Whip, M83, The XX and, of course, Kamtin Mohager. Oh, and maybe Bloc Party and Kavinsky might stop by with soem beer, as well.

Does that have you intrigued to listen yet? How about some music facts?

Miko is the first new track from the The Chain Gang of 1974’s sophomore LP due out in 2014 – the follow-up to the band’s 2011 debut Wayward Fire. Since moving from his hometown of Denver to Los Angeles three years ago, in the midst of recording Wayward Fire, Kamtin has now become one with the elements of Southern California. His upcoming album is indicative of his free spirited lifestyle. The upcoming album was produced by Isom Innis (Foster The People) with additional help from Tony Hoffer (M83, Phoenix and Silversun Pickups, among many more).

Okay, so Phoenix, Silversun Pickups and Foster the People can bring dessert to the night-time barbecue, and maybe some illegal fireworks, too.

I cannot see the word Chain Gang without thinking of Chrissie Hynde singing of being “back on” one, so when I first hit play I was expecting a completely different song. I keep hitting repeat, and I find myself unsure of whether I would rather spin around and circles to this song, or drive up the coast with the windows all the way rolled down, playing this way too loud.

Stay tuned for more info to come soon.

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