Wing & Hollow :: Keep Art Alive :: 10 Questions Project

Keep Art Alive :: Photo by Wing & Hollow Keep Art Alive :: The 10 Questions Project :: Featuring Jill & Haven of Wing & Hollow 1. What music (or other art form) inspires you when you create your art? Jill: Music, film, travel and the people close to me are some of my biggest inspirations for melodies and lyrics.  From a young age I’ve been drawn to all things vintage, such as old movies and music from the last century, specifically classic jazz, 60’s era folk-rock and music theater. Haven: Seeing live music performances helps rattle things up for me and … Continue reading Wing & Hollow :: Keep Art Alive :: 10 Questions Project

We’ll Lose Our Troubles in the Sun :: A Saturday Playlist

  Keep Art Alive :: Art by Steve Smith We’ll Lose Our Troubles in the Sun :: A Saturday Playlist Listen here on Spotify California :: Aqualung Saturday Sun :: Nick Drake She’s Got You High :: Mumm-ra Love Illumination :: Franz Ferdinand Big TV :: White Lies So Alive :: Love & Rockets Love Her Madly :: The Doors Don’t Let It Get You Down :: Spoon Lonely Boy :: The Black Keys Vaporize :: Broken Bells The Love Club :: Lorde Empty Streets :: Ghost Beach Up the Junction :: Squeeze California :: Mazzy Star Dogs Eyes :: … Continue reading We’ll Lose Our Troubles in the Sun :: A Saturday Playlist

Let the rain fall :: VOTD

Brighter Than Sunshine :: Aqualung from the album, Still Life Brighter Than Sunshine is an indie pop ballad written and performed by Aqualung. First released on his 2003 album Still Life, it became the album’s first single. It was later added to the 2005 compilation album Strange and Beautiful. Brighter Than Sunshine reached # 32 on the Billboard Adult Top 40 chart in the U.S. and spent two weeks at # 37 on the UK Singles Chart in 2003. The record was featured in the 2005 romantic comedy, A Lot Like Love, which the video above features clips from. Brighter … Continue reading Let the rain fall :: VOTD

You are my only fall :: SOTD

“It’s all right for a woman to be, above all, human. I am a woman first of all.” ~ Anais Nin You Are You Are (live) :: Lucy Schwartz Originally from the EP, Keep Me “You are, you are, just out of reach ‘Cause I don’t know you at all.” The view from the room of the non-descript hotel, the kind you would find by the airport in any big city, is a vast array of nothingness. She shivers from the air pumped in to mask the humidity of daytime, to cool the sheets and the days between. How she … Continue reading You are my only fall :: SOTD

Souvenirs from better times :: VOTD

Title & Registration :: Death Cab For Cutie from the album Transatlanticism Directed by Patrick Daughters Title & Registration was the third single taken from Death Cab for Cutie’s 2003 album, Transatlanticism. It was officially released as an internet-only single that could be streamed through the band’s website. Promo copies of the single were released on CD. Live, the song’s layered instrumentation has been difficult to pull off and thus has been performed a variety of ways. All of these involve Chris Walla switching halfway through the song from lead guitar to keyboards, whilst Ben Gibbard takes over the guitar part. For the first half of the … Continue reading Souvenirs from better times :: VOTD

Cut out all the ropes and let me fall :: SOTD

Keep Art Alive :: “Adriel” :: Art by Kris Lewis “I told you to be patient, I told you to be fine, I told you to be balanced, I told you to be kind. Now all your love is wasted? Then who the hell was I?” Paperback Letdown (by me) Another page is ripped away from the book she clung to a fairy tale story about a girl with never ending quests to fulfill a string of dragons to slay for everyone who crossed her path still the demands of being the princess beckoned to be fair, true and vulnerable … Continue reading Cut out all the ropes and let me fall :: SOTD

My Top 300 :: 56-60

56. Stealing Beauty Breathtakingly beautiful, this is one of those movies I just want to slip into and disappear to for a extended vacation. The film feels like a painting come to life, a painting with vivid and lush colors, with a backing soundtrack that is dreamy and seductive. Liv Tyler is exquisite in this. Trailer From the soundtrack: 2 Wicky :: Hooverphonic Glory Box :: Portishead Alice :: Cocteau Twins 57. Paris, Texas Moody, melancholic and yet quiet life-affirming, Paris, Texas is one of those movies that has always held a bit of magic to me. It is also … Continue reading My Top 300 :: 56-60

To talk in rhyme with my chaotic soul :: VOTD

Darklands :: The Jesus and Mary Chain from the album Darklands Darklands is a song by the Scottish rock band The Jesus & Mary Chain and the third single from their album of the same name, Darklands. It was released in October 1987 by Blanco y Negro Records on 7-inch vinyl, 10-inch vinyl, 12-inch vinyl and as a CD single. The 10-inch and the CD were entitled “E.P.”. The single reached # 33 on the UK Singles Chart and # 23 on the Irish Singles Chart. William Reid was the producer for all the tracks with Bill Price co-producing Darklands … Continue reading To talk in rhyme with my chaotic soul :: VOTD

That’s not me :: SOTD

Keep Art Alive :: Kings Canyon :: Art by Kris Lewis “In a little while, I’ll be gone. The moments already passed, yeah, it’s gone. And I’m not here, this isn’t happening. I’m not here. I’m not here.” Late last night in the midst of those unavoidable sleepless hours, when sadness and insomnia were clasping hands tightly, and turning me completely inside out, I think, for an brief moment in time, in the haze of exhaustion, I felt transparent. Perhaps it was a wish, of sorts, to disappear completely – if only for a day or so – and not … Continue reading That’s not me :: SOTD

Songs are like tattoos :: Under the covers Sunday

Blue :: Sarah McLachlan “Hey blue, here is a song for you, ink on a pin, underneath the skin, an empty space to fill in.” We drove all through the night and into the next morning, the two of us, stopping only for gas, coffee and a truck stop breakfast at 4 am. You did most of the driving as you kept insisting that I was better at navigating the mixed tapes and radio stations. No one knew we had left, nor expected us to return. We had a wrinkled map that had come which you had spread out across … Continue reading Songs are like tattoos :: Under the covers Sunday