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Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby :: Counting Crows

Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby is a single by the Counting Crows. It is the second track on their third album This Desert Life (1999). This song was written after singer/songwriter Adam Duritz saw actress Monica Potter in a film.

The song has been said to be about memories and hope (both the false ones and all the far-searching dreams). This song has a very dreamy feel about it all the way through, as does the video clip.

A lyric from the song (stated in the subject line) became the title of the band’s greatest hits album, Films About Ghosts.

Editor’s Note: For whatever reason, I am always reminded of the Dawson’s Creek character Joey Potter when I listen to this song, most especially I am reminded of a scene on the side of the road between the Joey and Pacey characters. I was never a huge Dawson’s Creek fan, though I have been a huge Counting Crows fan, but this is what I immediately think of each and every time.

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