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Keep Art Alive :: Girl and Galaxy :: Art by Sean Mahan

These are the days,
like a long Summer haze.
We’re in outer space,
on the Dark Side of The Moon,
in your room.”

It was music that kept us together, stacks of record albums heavy in our arms, balancing carefully as I rang the bell, “come in” would come from the other side, one foot to balance, and elbow used for leverage, so careful not to drop the precious sounds. Your older brother told us our taste was too 1985, that we needed to step outside our lousy adolescence and bend our ears towards what inspired that bands we loved.

He played us Velvet Underground and old Bowie tunes, and later, after my co-conspirator sister-in-music had crashed hard on the left side of her bed, I would tiptoe into his room, asking him to play me something more. We would lie flat on the floor, side-by-side, close enough to touch, just listening. The only proximity of skin-on-skin would be the passing of an effortlessly rolled joint between us, Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon swirling with smoke rings into the ceiling sky above us.

His and hers Mother would come to the door, pretending not to take it all in, bringing us individually wrapped snack cakes and a large envelope with a stamped insignia affixed on the left corner. I would learn days later that it was a call to action that would take him to some far off war that was not a war, never returning him back again. But on that night he was here still beside me. His Mother’s eyes crinkled when she smiled, a stunning green that you could not miss even half-covered by her eye glass frames. “Your Mom is beautiful“, I whispered, wishing he would say “just like you.”

I wonder if you notice me.”

Notice Me :: Anya Marina

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