My Top 300 :: 46-50

Empire Records

46. Empire Records

Years of my life working at record stores, falling in love or in lust with record store co-workers, nearly living in my record store jobs and finding a definite second-family in my record store jobs, made this movie hard not to love. I never grow tired of watching it, and tend to relate to different moments more than others at different times of watching it. Most of all, it makes me miss my record store jobs a hell of a lot.

Sugar High :: Coyote Shivers

Dirty Dancing

47. Dirty Dancing

It was the Summer after my last year in high school, I was working at a forgettable clothing store in an equally forgettable shopping mall which was torn down a few years later. But, it did have a movie theater from the store I worked in, and they gave mall employee discounts. I think I watched Dirty Dancing over 20 times that Summer at that little movie theater, making it the unforgettable part of that forgettable Summer mall job.

Time of My Life :: Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes

St. Elmo's Fire

48. St. Elmo’s Fire

In some ways it was an alternate reality of what happened when The Breakfast Club, and some of their friends, after college. In other ways, though, it was a coming-of-adult-age, ensemble interlocking story/stories about friendship, love, loss, fucking up and figuring your self out. At the end of August I will get the chance to see it up on the screen again, double featured in the park with another of my favorites, Reality Bites.

St. Elmo’s Fire (Man in Motion) :: John Parr


49. Mallrats

I fell hard for this movie the first time I saw it, and fell hard for Jason Lee and Kevin Smith films, as well (I saw Mallrats before I saw Clerks, admittedly). I had worked at the mall, I had grown-up in “mall-suburbia”, and at the time I had a boyfriend who was often more interested in his video games than in me (though he was not Jason Lee, unfortunately). This is one of a few of the movies on my favorite list that I can recite nearly word-for-word all the way through.

Build Me Up, Butter Cup :: The Goops

The Anniversary Party

50. The Anniversary Party

What a cast, seriously, what an unbelievable cast, with two of my favorites at the helm – Alan Cumming and Jennifer Jason Leigh, not to mention Kevin Kline, another beloved actor of mine. There are parts of this movie that cut like a knife re-opening a scar full of overwhelming feelings, but still I watch and re-watch. Joe and Sally’s relationship feels all to familiar, painfully so, but also so brilliantly portrayed and exposed by their characters and all of their friends.

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