Stranger Than Fiction

41. Stranger Than Fiction

Alternate realities, a movie about books and writers (and a narrator), flawed characters and an unexpected, yet real feeling, love story make-up Stranger Than Fiction, and help to make it one of my all-time favorites. That and the fact that I have a huge crush on Maggie Gyllenhaal, especially in this role (also, I love her tattoo). This film moves me in so many ways and is so well-written – just thinking about it makes me want to go throw in my DVD to watch it again.

Whole Wide World :: Wreckless Eric


42. Satisfaction

If I believed in “guilty pleasures” this would definitely be one, but I do not subscribe to feeling guilty over things like movies and music that make me happy. This is a “watch to cheer me” movie, one that I never grow tired of, and always sing-a-long to. Most unexpected cast appearances by both Liam Neeson and Debbie Harry, though it is the band itself that I enjoy the most.

Mystery Dance :: from Satisfaction

The Dreamers

43. The Dreamers

A beautiful and sensual movie to watch, full of moments captured that make my gypsy soul itch. Friendship, love, sex, intimacy, art, politics, and a love of movies all play a part in this unforgettable movie. Add also another movie character crush of mine with Michael Pitt’s character in The Dreamers.

Trash :: Suede, featuring scenes from The Dreamers


44. Swingers

This movie is so money in so many ways. I love this version of Los Angeles, the music, the suits, the dialogue, and the friendships. My first introduction to Vince Vaughn (where I fell for him), and where I fell for big band music.

You & Me & the Bottle Makes Three Tonight :: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy


45. Drive

A slow burn at first, timeless in look and style, and completely unexpected – this movie blew me away. Exceptional performances by Albert Brooks, Bryan Cranston, Carey Mulligan and Ryan Gosling (it was this movie that really had me understanding what all the Gosling-fuss was about). It is also the movie with one of the most breathtaking kisses ever.

A Real Hero :: College & Electric Youth

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