My Top 300 :: 21-25

21. 200 Cigarettes Another “one night in the life” movie, and another ensemble-cast set of stories that intertwine, two of my favorite movie “tropes“. The cast is fun and fantastic, as is the movie’s soundtrack. It also reminds me of a party a close friend of mine and I had once where we fell asleep during the height of the party, and often have joked as to who the mystery guest was that came whilst we slept. In the Flesh :: Blondie 22. Velvet Goldmine It took far too long for me to finally see this film, but when I did … Continue reading My Top 300 :: 21-25

It ain’t no use to sit and wonder why :: songs and poetry

Dark side of the lens (by me) Engraved lighters lost down elevator shafts but there was always someone at the ready with flickers of light and burning embers of suggestion She wore fake frames back then disguises her favorite passage of time she stared across the counter leaning star-struck hanging on every word The ink stains were (in)visible but she knew the artist scars from her own civility war she wore fake vows as well he could see that she was already half gone The wind was colder than any she had known before her fingers gone numb as she … Continue reading It ain’t no use to sit and wonder why :: songs and poetry

You found all the words you need :: SOTD

Keep Art Alive :: Art by Stella Im Hultberg “Am I frozen? But it’s summer. Is that rain or is that me?” The images of a city, gone but not forgotten, sting my eyes and heavy my chest. I reach for it, that spot where we imagine our heart-shaped box to be, and I try to ease my breathing. I fail, as the tears fall. Sometimes I stumble upon the words, his words, and like the images of those streets and high above trains, I am swept up and backwards again. A catapult throws me through time and seasons into … Continue reading You found all the words you need :: SOTD

A friend indeed :: VOTD

Pure Morning :: Placebo directed by Nick Gordon Pure Morning was the first single off Placebo’s second album, Without You I’m Nothing. The single was the most successful song in the US, going to # 19 in the charts, and # 4 in the UK. The song was initially recorded as a B-side, but the band liked it so much that they decided to include it on the album. The most recognizable pattern to the song is the repetition of the line “a friend in need’s a friend indeed” at the start of each verse. The music video was shot … Continue reading A friend indeed :: VOTD