Listen to the rising water moan :: VOTD

(Waiting for the) Night Boat (live) :: Simon Le Bon and Smashing Pumpkins (Waiting for the) Night Boat was originally written by Simon Le Bon when he was waiting for a ride from the night bus home. It is spooky and atmospheric, unlike most of the other songs on Duran Duran’s self-titled debut album. It is instrumental until about two minutes into it. In 1998, Simon Le Bon joined Smashing Pumpkins onstage at Shepherd’s Bush in London for their cover of (Waiting for the) Night Boat, as part of the MTV special Five Night Stand. It is an incredible rendition, … Continue reading Listen to the rising water moan :: VOTD

Can you tell I’m losing sleep :: SOTD

Keep Art Alive :: “Beauty in the Breakdown” :: Art by Sarah Joncas “Oh, have I been too discreet? How long am I supposed to wait? I think about you nightly.” Jane stays in again, another illness without a diagnosis, pulled curtains and a hushed, husky tone of voice. She is hiding again, but no one seems to notice. The phone sits beside her, precariously balanced between the cool side of the pillow and the heat of her untapped desire. The hallucinations start around the third night of sleeplessness. She lies there, eyes tracing the intersecting images as they dance … Continue reading Can you tell I’m losing sleep :: SOTD