My Top 300 :: 11-15

Coal Miner's Daughter

11. Coal Miner’s Daughter

I grew up spending many a Summer with my Grandparents and Aunt’s house, Summers spent listening to 8-track and vinyl country albums belonging to my Aunt, most memorably listening and learning by heart Loretta Lynn albums. I went with that same Aunt to see this movie when it first came out and completely fell in love with it, and with Sissy Spacek’s portrayal of Loretta. This was the way the songs I spent Summer’s memorizing felt like to me, this story, and this movie.

You Ain’t Woman Enough :: Sissy Spacek

The Muppet Movie

12. The Muppet Movie

You cannot get more 70’s movie from my childhood then this one, what with both The Muppets and all those guest stars. It was like a vaudville, variety show put up on the big screen, which I suppose is what it was exactly. Also, it is one of those ultimate road trip movie, another “movie genre” love of mine.

Rainbow Connection :: The Muppets

True Romance

13. True Romance

A road trip adventure with ensemble stories, flawed characters, and an unforgettable love that persists despite all odds is the stuff of favorite movies of mine, and the stuff of True Romance. Alabama is one of my forever favorite movie characters, as well, All of the characters, actually, no matter how small or supporting, are so vivid and in color, and the writing is raw, pop culture infused, fast paced and brilliant.

Two Hearts :: Chris Isaak

Wuthering Heights

14. Wuthering Heights

Although this version only focuses on part of the story and leaves out the next generation, it is this version of the tragic love of Heathcliff and Cathy that I love the most. Perhaps it is because it is the first incarnation of the story I would encounter, or because of the memories of watching it with my Mother, and also with my Grandmother, that the movie holds, or maybe it is because of Merle Oberon and Sir Lawrence Olivier’s unforgettable performances, no matter what the reason it forever holds a place in my heart, and forever favorite movie list.

Wuthering Heights :: Kate Bush

A Fish Called Wanda

15. A Fish Called Wanda

The first time I saw this film I laughed so hard that my entire body ached afterwards. There is something so completely hilarious, clever and delightful about this film, credited both to the writing, and the fact that it boasts one of the funniest casts ever. My long-standing love of Kevin Kline only grew after this laughing myself sore movie.

Nel blu, dipinto di blu :: Dominico Modugno

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