The Virgin Suicides

6. The Virgin Suicides

One of those rare occasions where the movie of a book that I love does not disappoint, on the contrary, it stands alone and apart from the book, both equal in quality, but different in ways that make consuming them both a unique and keen experience. I love the question of it all, the beauty in the chaotic and tragic, and the way it portrays the mystery that coming of age can be from the outside perspective. We, like the boys, never do fully understand the Lisbon sisters, but we are still riveted, and we are still heartbroken.

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The Shining

7. The Shining

Though there are things I love so much more about the book, and though there are things I wish they hadn’t left out (the topiary animals, for example), there is nothing quite like the movie’s version. This is most likely due to three significant factors: 1) Kubrick’s film-making, 2) the stunning (albeit gory at times) and unforgettable visuals, and 3) Jack Nicholson’s performance. This is one of those movies that has vividly stuck with me ever since I first saw it in when I was probably a bit too young to be seeing it, in the theater.

Main theme from The Shining


8. Go

An ensemble set of stories that all take place in a “one night” adventure in Los Angeles – three movie themes that I love all in one. The predicaments, the chaos, the energy, the crazy scenarios, the intersecting stories, the friendships and my first introduction to Timothy Olyphant, all gift this movie a permanent place on my favorite list. Bonus: the movie also includes a keen Breakfast Club reference.

Troubled by the Way We Came Together :: Natalie Imbruglia

The Godfather

9. The Godfather Series

I am putting the trilogy together because to me they are one entity, and all hold a space in my favorites equally (yes, even the 3rd one). One day I would love to have a marathon and watch them back-to-back, something I have yet to do. I have many favorite characters and story arcs, but Michael and Kay’s relationship and the evolution of their marriage is reflective to all of the overlying and underlying plot that goes on in the Corleone family, and is the lens of perception to the stories that have stuck with me the deepest.

The Godfather Theme :: Nino Rota

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

10. Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist

A favorite for many reasons, some very personal, and some of them most likely obvious in that music itself plays such a major part in the story. It is another “one night” adventure with flawed characters who fall in love. Kat Dennings (one of my favorite actors) and Michael Cera have so much believable chemistry and connection, and have become two of my favorite movie characters.

Last Words :: The Real Tuesday Weld

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  1. Great post. 🙂 Good movies – especially The Godfather & The Shining but I also thought The Virgin Suicides & Nick & Norah were really good.

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