My Top 300 :: 6-10

6. The Virgin Suicides One of those rare occasions where the movie of a book that I love does not disappoint, on the contrary, it stands alone and apart from the book, both equal in quality, but different in ways that make consuming them both a unique and keen experience. I love the question of it all, the beauty in the chaotic and tragic, and the way it portrays the mystery that coming of age can be from the outside perspective. We, like the boys, never do fully understand the Lisbon sisters, but we are still riveted, and we are … Continue reading My Top 300 :: 6-10

My Top 300 Movies :: 1-5

My initial attempt was meant to make my “top 100” lists, to be a counter point to Entertainment Weekly’s recent “top 100” issue, but 100 just does not work for me. Starting with movies, I was able to narrow to my “top 300”, which I will share in groups of “5” here at lyriquediscorde in no particular order (narrowing it to 300 was rough enough, I cannot put them in order, well, except for my for always #1). Without further ado, here are 1-5 of my “top 100”: 1.¬†Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Flawed characters, love that knows no … Continue reading My Top 300 Movies :: 1-5

FLTS Fridays :: My angel girl she sings to me

Sexy Mexican Maid :: Red Hot Chili Peppers “She puts me in a bubble bath, she tickles me and I laugh. She washes me until I’m clean, then she does a little sexy dance. Happy to feel my hand go slap, upon her sexy ass. We make fun so very slow, then we make it fast.” Fucking love this song Friday Continue reading FLTS Fridays :: My angel girl she sings to me

Walking through town is quite scary :: VOTD

I Predict a Riot :: Kaiser Chiefs directed by Charlie Paul I Predict a Riot is a song by Kaiser Chiefs, appearing on their debut album Employment. It was originally released as their second single on November 1, 2004, and was the band’s first release on the B-Unique label. It entered at # 22 on the UK Singles Chart, a move which started the band’s rise to popularity. It was re-released on August, 22 2005 as a double A-side with a new song, Sink That Ship. This time, it peaked at # 9 in the chart. Portraying a rowdy night … Continue reading Walking through town is quite scary :: VOTD

In a sore afraid new world :: SOTD

Keep Art Alive :: “What Branches Grow” :: Art by Adam Caldwell “Wild boys fallen far from glory, reckless and so hungered,¬† on the razors edge you trail.” He was the stuff of a broken family, of a society ruled by dysfunctional functioning, raised on television screens and microwave dining. He remembers the birth of the computer, of the compact disc, of everything being carried in the palm of one’s hand. He remembers, too, the day he left home, never looking back, never feeling missed, at all. She was soft and sweet on the outside, harder underneath it all, like … Continue reading In a sore afraid new world :: SOTD