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2 Charles Malinsky

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When all you’ll ever dream,
lifts you up too high,
as all your expectations leave a hole inside.”

She dreamed too big, he would tell her, causing a steep precipice of expectation that every lover had fatally fallen from. She loved too big, as well, her heart a cavernous wasteland of terrain that she would fill up with whomever she chose to be her one. He worked his dark magic on shrinking her down to a workable size, reigning her imagination in, corralling it into a small, fenced in pen. He made her a prisoner of his love.

This was not any kind of gift of submission, or a fainting spelled princess quivering at the knees over his prowess and power, no, this was a breaking parts of her soul. This was a knife in her side and the damage done. She was left with a gaping wound, pouring out loveless luck from it, in puddles that were clotting on the floor. Her hands tried to cover the wreckage, trying to keep herself from bleeding out, but she was fading fast. She kept whispering the words her Grandmother had always told her, “you just have to keep dreaming“.

Was it dreaming that brought her here, chained and silenced? Did she whip up her own noose and blade, imagined fantasies turning on their side, dreams gone deadly? He liked to break beautiful things, and she was his next damsel to distress. Her eyes wandered off, though, the part of her that remained restless and long gone. You can see her now, lost somewhere in the distance, mesmerized by the far off light, the chink in the armored glass that surrounds her, the way out. She will gnaw her own heart in half for freedom, even if it is short lived. She will get to the other side.

Love will always be the hunter, though, no matter how she makes her escape, and she will always fall hapless and happily into its trap.

Sympathetic Noose :: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

2 thoughts on “I don’t know how to be freed from :: SOTD

  1. i love this one, Laura, it’s emotional intensity overpowers me. it’s remarkable how much you write … and how exceptional your writing is. tony

    1. lyriquediscorde – Los Angeles, California – Los Angeles writer, mother, lover of music, books, film, tv, travel, cooking, jukeboxes, lists, themes, game nights, potlucks, coffee, letters, postcards, and conversation. Ever-evolving, learning, and changing. Every day is another opportunity to do better. 
      lyriquediscorde says:

      Thank you so much…for everything you wrote about this, such generosity in your words. I cannot seem to stop writing, some days it just pours out of me. This week I had too much life things going on and have not been able to write and I feel only half myself, as if I am wandering around partially dressed, or missing one of my senses…as exhausted as I am tonight I am determined to do some writing, I just have to – do you know what I mean?

      Thanks again, Tony…so much.

      xo Laura

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