She smelled of daisies :: VOTD

Big Jet Plane :: Angus and Julia Stone directed by Kiku Ohe Big Jet Plane is the first track on the 2010 EP with the same name, by Australian sibling singer-songwriter duo Angus and Julia Stone. The EP includes four tracks, three of which can be found on other Angus & Julia Stone albums, as well. Big Jet Plane can also be found on the 2010 album Down the Way, released by the Nettwerk Music Group. The song is a modified version of a song released by Angus Stone as part of solo project Lady of the Sunshine, and featured … Continue reading She smelled of daisies :: VOTD

I don’t know how to be freed from :: SOTD

Keep Art Alive :: Art by Charles Malinsky “When all you’ll ever dream, lifts you up too high, as all your expectations leave a hole inside.” She dreamed too big, he would tell her, causing a steep precipice of expectation that every lover had fatally fallen from. She loved too big, as well, her heart a cavernous wasteland of terrain that she would fill up with whomever she chose to be her one. He worked his dark magic on shrinking her down to a workable size, reigning her imagination in, corralling it into a small, fenced in pen. He made … Continue reading I don’t know how to be freed from :: SOTD