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Keep Art Alive :: Art by Audrey Kawasaki

Take a piece of beauty,
 and multiply it like fishes.
Take some pain, 
and overwhelm it till it dies. 
Ride a restless soul to peace and sanctuary, 
and multiply the love.”

I once had a compilation CD that I loved, and played often enough that my roommate at the time grew quite tired of it, and would complain that we had in our living room a 20 disc changer and shelves and shelves of music (we both worked at a record store), and yet this one CD always seemed to be playing. I am not particularly certain why I obsessed over it, and played it so often at that time. I know it was during a time that I was swirling around in the female artists that were plentiful, and with the help of Sarah McLachlan, celebrated with a Summer touring series. I was writing quite a bit, waking before the sun to sit in the corner of our small dining room which housed our computer. It was the era of online mailing lists as “Social media“, though the term had yet to be coined, and I was inspired and encouraged by the friends and co-creatives I had met through these outlets of expression. I think the CD had been a gift from a miles away friend who I had met this way, one of the many musical trades that were a common occurrence back then.

Last last night I stumbled on the CD compilation that was nearly long forgotten and listened to it as I fell asleep. When I awoke, earlier than originally planned, this song was spinning in my head. It brought with it the flush of memory of that time, that apartment at the end of the cul-de-sac, the group of friends I made who lived at all ends of the world and how they changed me in big and small ways, and how it was during that time that I started to find a space to create and write and challenge myself to find my unique voice as an artist, as a writer. Would I be sitting here this morning, coffee beside me, my laptop propped up on a folded up blanket, music playing in my ears while my household sleeps, writing my thoughts to send out into the ether of known and unknown, had I not found the places and people I knew back then? How would the music I am spinning have changed? How would my writing have changed? How much does my past affect my present?

It feels like a long time ago now, but I know so much of those days stuck with me, and are still with me now.

Motherland :: Single Gun Theory

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