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I was a heart breaker,
I loved you,
the same way I do,
but I’ve got so much wickedness and sin.”

The siren is calling, I can hear her voice thrilling and trilling in the distance, she was soft at first, echoing in the silences, but now she bellows, beckoning, becoming part of my words. I feel the freedom in it, the strength, and a sense of direction I have lacked for so long. I have spent far too much time waxing poetic about love past, nostalgia poisoning the blood in my veins, turning me into some kind of fictional fairy tale figure that was never, and could never, be me.

Yes, I have loved passionately, recklessly, completely, and yes, I have had my heart broken over and again. Truth is, I have probably broken hearts near as often, as well. Regardless, I think I am over all the wistfulness, and I think it is time to close the doors of past love and love lost for a spell. I have more to say on so many things that do not include my heart, or my sex.

The siren, she is tugging at my sleeve, pointing me down a myriad of intersecting paths, and of new stories to tell. I am running to catch up with her, to be overtaken by inspiration, to clear my throat and cut open my skin, and bleed out things that are more about me, and not about those I have once loved. They may play a part now and again, but I am moving past those stings and scars and memories. I am ready for a new chapter, a change, a braver turn of the page in the book that is me.

It is time for my side of the stories.

Siren Song (live) :: Bat For Lashes

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