Makes me wanna stay :: VOTD

Creep :: Stone Temple Pilots
directed by Graeme Joyce

“All’s I gots is time, 
got no meaning,
just a rhyme.”

Creep appeared as the seventh track off the band’s debut album, Core and was later released as a single. The song also appears on the band’s greatest hits album, Thank You. A live version featuring Aaron Lewis is included on The Family Values 2001 Tour release.

The song’s lyrics were written by lead vocalist Scott Weiland and bassist Robert DeLeo. DeLeo also wrote the song’s music. DeLeo stated the following about Creep:

Musically speaking I was thinking about a song along the lines of ‘Heart of Gold’ by Neil Young, which is in the key of D-minor, the saddest key of all. Scott was thinking about the lyrics, and at that time in our lives we were struggling very much. What Scott was writing about was a real-life situation. Also about me, the thing about the gun. ‘Creep’ is a very demeaning word. It was one of those instances where we looked at ourselves, looked in the mirror.”

There were two videos shot for Creep. The video that aired was directed by Graeme Joyce after a version by director Gus Van Sant was shelved due to its drug and sexual references.

Editor’s notes: I remember buying both Core and The Bends (Radiohead) in the same afternoon and listening to both Creep songs, at the time I preferred this one, though I preferred The Bends as an album over Core. I still prefer Stone Temple Pilot’s Creep to Radiohead’s Creep.

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  1. While I know I didn’t buy both those albums at the same time, I do remember they were in heavy rotation at the same time. I have always loved this song so much.

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