Before Sunset :: Monday Movie Moments

Before Sunset (2004) “You come here to Paris, all romantic, and married, okay? Screw you.” ~ Celine As the time nears for me to finally see the third installment of the Jesse and Celine trilogy I find myself re-watching the previous two and replaying clips, such as the one above, and momentarily reliving some of my favorite parts. The first time I saw the sequel, Before Sunset, I was vehemently angry. I hated that this was what these people’s lives had become, and as I sat there watching, around the same age as Jesse and Celine, I found myself screaming … Continue reading Before Sunset :: Monday Movie Moments

Pride will tear us both apart :: VOTD

Ordinary World :: Duran Duran Directed by Nick Egan “But I won’t cry for yesterday, there’s an ordinary world, somehow I have to find.” Ordinary World was the first single from Duran Duran’s (second) self-titled 1993 album, better known as The Wedding Album, a nickname gifted to the album due to the wedding photographs on the album’s cover. The single peaked at #1 on the U.S. Hot 100 Airplay chart, U.S. Top 40 Mainstream and the Canadian singles chart. The song also peaked at #3 in the American charts and #6 in the British charts. The song won the Ivor … Continue reading Pride will tear us both apart :: VOTD

Don’t say its up to me :: SOTD

Keep Art Alive :: Art by Edith LeBeau “As far as I can tell, I’ve been gone for miles now.” The things we take with us when we go are sometimes nameless, invisible, only known to those who took, and were taken from. Memories are only part of it, tokens and trinkets though, and irreversible songs, they come along for the ride, as well. The girl with the dried up tears and the pink cheeks, she took with her sugar packets from the throwaway diner with the hard to find fountain and over-friendly serving staff. She will forget the name … Continue reading Don’t say its up to me :: SOTD