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Keep Art Alive :: Photo by DesdemonaRosa

And if I know you at all, I know you’ve gone too far. So I, I can’t look at the stars.”

She averts her gaze, doing her best to look the other way, to steer every bit of attention away from where he is now.  Once upon a time they were friends in a truest sense of the word, but now they are something beyond, something below, something that she just cannot bear. Everything she sees in him now is a lie, she should know, she used to be the best at it herself. But now, well, she cannot take watching what he is becoming, not when she knew something so different and so real, once upon at time.

The words, they try for a catch and release kind of trade off, but she has to close her eyes to respond. She wishes him well through clenched teeth and swallowed judgments. He made her promise once that she would never judge him, and she takes promises seriously, even if he broke his, to her. “I will never let you go”. Well, she is very let go now.

She stays her course, boxes up more of her pride, and turns the music up high. Every time she hears his name or sees anything of his recovered life she just turns and spins as far, far away as she can. She cannot look at where he is, and who he is, now. She knows just how far he has gone, and just how far away she needs to stay. No more traded nonsense, no more mad dreams, and no more some days. She is so very let go now. He has left her behind and she cannot look his way again.

Stars (live) :: Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

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