Do you miss me? :: Two Tune Saturday


Keep Art Alive :: “Sarah’s Secret” :: Art by Jolene Lai

Miss Misery :: Elliott Smith

Next door the TV’s flashing,
blue frames on the wall,
it’s a comedy of errors,
you see,
it’s about taking a fall.
To vanish into oblivion,
is easy to do,
and I try to be,
but you know me,
I come back when you want me to

I woke this morning with this song heavy in my consciousness, cloying, penetrating, like the oppressive warmth of the humid room, and the dry-from-thirst feeling in the back of my throat. It comes crashing down on me, words I wrote before my eyes finally closed the night before. They mix and mash in the haze of a dream hangover. I dream of songs sometimes, or at least they play their part, stroking my hair and nudging the surreal plot along.

The dream, well its contents are murky at best, and I really can only see the sketched outline of movement and feelings, as if I walked into a room right as the television set is switched off, and all I see is the fading images, disappearing fast. Is that what missing looks like then? The visuals switching off as our eyes narrow, trying to capture what we still want to see?

The missing continues though, even as the images start to fade away.

Miss You :: The Concretes

I’ve been haunted in my sleep,
you’ve been starring in my dreams.
Lord, I miss you

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