Dirty and sweet, clad in black (oh yeah) :: Under the covers


Bang a Gong (Get It On) :: The Power Station

Well you’re built like a car,
you’ve got a hub cap diamond star halo,
you’re built like a car, oh yeah

I never quite knew what a hub cap diamond star halo would look like, or what to make of it at all, but as we waited at the side of the stage I knew it did not really matter. The guitar riffs, the bass vibrations, and the way they moved and made magic with their fingers, it unleashed feelings that confused and delighted me. I was younger than I looked, even though I felt older than I could have ever been mistaken for. Music was our shared secret, it was our religion, and we worshipped at its feet.

The bands would change, as would the music that moved us. I would hear the original a few years later as I stood outside of a Sunday night club in the cold on a Hollywood side street. The music was pulsing out of the closed doors, muffled but we could feel it. Each time the door swung open we could feel it wash over us, beckoning to us, promising stories to be confessed, or kept hidden. He was underfed, dark and darling, and when he came over to me my breath hitched. He was asking everyone for money to get in, but when he reached where he stood he leaned in close, and whispered “dance with me inside.”

Bang a Gong (Get It On) :: T-Rex

Well, you dance when you walk,
so let’s dance,
take a chance,
understand me.
You’re dirty sweet and you’re my girl

We danced together, off and on, for many nights to come. He unleashed a wildness in me that I would have sworn belonged to another girl, not me. He played music on my skin, pulling out of me never heard before lyrics and lines. He said I was his dearest dark darling from Wonderland and that I made him want to sing. He was my Neverland twist of fate that I never should have fallen for, but fall I did. He danced when he walked, and his touch made me sing.


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