Coming through the eye of the storm :: song of the day


Keep Art Alive :: Art by Keith P. Rein

We’re two parties,
two parties ending.
What if you move?
What if you hide?
There’s only so much you can miss,
before we collide.”

The stories continue whether we choose to write them, or not, even when we both know it is so far past over. I close my eyes to sleep and the characters they dance in my head, nudging at me, persistent, unshakable, guns cocked and loaded in their hands. I never remember it any different from this. I think I was writing it, writing us, before I even picked up the pen.

Just like music and just like magic, and just like my ability to love, the drive to write has always been with me.

Sometimes the writing leaves me naked and vulnerable, sometimes wet and breathless and shaking, and other times armed and ready for battle.  I suppose I would never want it any other way.

They will eventually all leave me, or I will be the one to run, but the writing, like the music, there are never last days.

Last Days of Magic :: The Kills

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