You don’t know how bad I got it :: musical sensory recall


Keep Art Alive :: Art by Jemma Salume

You must be joking,
you don’t know a thing about it.
You’ve got no problems,
I’d stay right there if I were you.
I got it harder,
you couldn’t dream how hard I got it.”

In some ways one could say this song could pair up with The Rolling Stones’ You Can’t Always Get What You Want, in as far as the “grass is always greener” perspective. And, perhaps Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill, in the “can we trade places” vein.

That said, this song takes a more adolescent approach to the theory, stating in that “you don’t understand at all” tone of voice. I can almost see the my teenage self rolling her eyes, arms crossed tight across my chest, thinking – wishing – how it would be oh so better to be in someone else’s life (or, in these lyrics, “shoes“).

No wonder I loved this song so much as an adolescent. I still carry some love for it now, though I have gained a heap of perspective in how we all struggle since those early me years. I see more clearly how we all struggle, how we are all conflicted, and how we all have our own green behind the fence, our own sense of bliss, and of sadness and chaos. Sometimes life is gorgeous, and sometimes life just sucks.

Wouldn’t It Be Good :: Nik Kershaw

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