playground love by afon

You’re the piece of gold that flushes all my soul,
every time,
on the ground,
you’re my playground love.”

Some days when my head is spinning with worries, and I forget how it feels to breathe, I look to the music to bring me back to a state of calm. I am a sucker for imagery matched up with song, anyone who frequents this space is most likely well aware of this fact. There is something so interconnected in my mind, and heart, that weaves together a photograph, or a painting, with the lyrical refrains and melodies.

I miss the barefoot simplicity of my younger years today.

on the playground love

Some afternoons I still grab the kids and we run off to play in the park, even though they do not love it as much as they did when they were younger. The slides are my favorites, and I still climb up into them and let my body slip and slide. I struggle with control issues that dictate many of my life choices, but in that moment of sliding I allow myself to free fall. I remember the appeal of parks and playgrounds, even when I was in my teens and twenties, how we all had some magnet pull to them, no matter how we were dressed, or where we had been before.

How many times did we climb to the top in dresses, not caring at all?

playground love by mariana

My Mother would braid daisies into my hair, but only that one Summer when she had allowed me to grow my hair long. As a young woman, he wove together a crown of daisies for me, I remember the day. I used to think I would wear daisies in place of a veil when I got married, though the times I have married there were no flowers except for a single rose this last time, my lease favorite flower. Suppose it is not the same though, as they were not the kind of weddings that young girls dream up, and to be honest, I never really dreamed those sorts of things except for the thought of the daisies in my hair. Perhaps they were meant to stay that way, memories and wishes of young love.

I have yet to give up on dreaming, though.

playground of love

Polaroids, even the made to look like them Instagram shots, remind me of my childhood, of my Aunt and her shoe box collection of snap shots. She kept it under her bed, pushed to the back, flush to the wall. Some were blurry, others were taken at uncomfortable angles. But, there were a few that told stories in their particular play at shadows and light. I never found out who took them, whether it was her, or if they were stolen or found images. I know my family history is fraught with petty thievery.

I like to believe she took them, and hid the camera somewhere I never discovered, a secret mystery, of sorts.

Playground Love :: Air

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    1. My ex-husband introduced me to Air and I fell in love with their music…but yes, I do love The Virgin Suicides and Sofia Coppola films – big love to them from me (and Air’s music)

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