To be with you again :: Under the Covers


Superstar :: Sonic Youth

Long ago,
and oh so far away,
I fell in love with you,
before the second show

The original version of this song, by The Carpenters, lives in my own childhood history alongside Robert Flack’s Killing Me Softly. Something about the pair of them, and a pre-adolescent girl’s fancy for musicians and far off place, held me completely captivated. My wandering gypsy nature was ever captured in album covers, lyric sheets, songs and the soulful eyes of all those singers in the band. Though I always sensed the heavier sides to this song. I suppose I had a grasp on the sadness of love, the loneliness when much of your heart is tied up in songs, and yet there was always something lasting there, too, that I would carry with me as I grew into an adult.

Something that transcended the far beyond promises, lies, trysts in the backseats of cars, first kisses, make-ups and break-ups, that seemed only found in the music I loved. The songs still played, they held on longer than most love affairs, and they never forgot the initial flush of blushes and dreams. That said, songs can never quite warm you in the cold dark hours of the middle of the night, when loneliness and the what-if kind of regret hits, but they do bring something reliable, I suppose, something to count on, something to trust. They bring back that soulful eyed singer into our ears again to tug on our heartstrings and make us believe, if only in a hopeless way, in love.

Superstar (live) :: The Carpenters

Your guitar,
it sounds so sweet and clear,
but you’re not really there,
it’s just the radio.”


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