You only have to look behind you :: musical sensory recall


Keep Art Alive :: Art by Derek Gores

Everything you touch you don’t feel,
do not know what you steal.
Shakes your hand,
takes your gun,
walks you out of the sun.”

Science Fiction, other-worldly, spinning through space kind of sound, and song. I close my eyes and picture the Tardis circling through time, Leeloo falling into Dallas’ cab, and Alice leaving the infected behind to run off to a post-Goth club with Neo pre-being-the-“One”. This song is part of a soundtrack I have set aside for one of the two novels I am writing. I feel it in the words I have been writing. I can close my eyes and see my characters in the music, too.

This song reminds me of some post-apocalyptic wasteland, where there is still art and music; humanity and expression surviving all else, the human condition the last to fall.

Destroy Everything You Touch :: Ladytron

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