Dance This Mess Around (live) :: The B-52’s

Friday Five

5 Things this song reminds me of:

1. that there is something about this song that has always transcended what I think of when I think of The B-52’s, that though one could argue that the song still possesses a kitchy and campy sensibility, that it has more of an edge then say their Love Shack era.

2. that I have always favored the band’s first album, and their earlier recordings, to anything that came afterwards, and not in the “I liked them when they were new/cool/no one knew who they were before” kind of music-snobbery, just in a “what I like” kind of way.

3. going dancing in Hollywood in the late 80’s in smoky rooms with overhead disco balls, the feel of moving around a dance floor with fishnet stockings and boots on.

4. the way the mixture of sweat, Boones Farm strawberry wine, and assorted chemicals felt on my skin and inside my bloodstream “back in the day”, as they say.

5. the way that clove cigarettes made my lips feel, that sweet pin-prickled sting, and how it tasted kissing someone right after a hit, the flavor tingling on tongue touches and shared breaths.



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