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Most faithful my love,
feathers on my breath.
Teardrop on the fire,
feathers on my breath,
stumbling a little.”

Sometimes it is the simple action of writing out a wish that breathes life into it, taking it that one closer step to coming true. To dance to this song, someday, falling into an embrace, was a once upon a past lifetime wish that was never spoken aloud, or written down. Perhaps in that precarious time that borders late at night and early morning the girl that came before the writers is still making her wishes. But now, well no words pass between, only the echo of a memory of an exchange of breathing, music floating throughout a room, wrapping around our bodies. You may say you don’t remember, but I still do.

One more day has passed, they pile on each other and become years now. I hit repeat, and listen to the song again, still not sure I will ever write this part of the story of us.

Teardrop :: Massive Attack

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