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But, I love him dear,
and I love him dear,
and I’ve loved him hundreds of thousands of years.”

Back in the early 90’s, when my oldest was just a baby and we still lived with her Father, there used to be this coffee house that we all went to that I truly loved. It was not even a full block from the apartment we lived in, and no matter what time of day or night I stopped in, I always saw someone I knew. There was live music in the back, random and interesting conversations everywhere to be a part of, and coffee.

The album that this song is from came out around then, and often it was playing from out of the kitchen. Sometimes I stayed around after closing, often because my Ex was working a shift there, or someone else I knew was. This album played often, more than often, and I cannot hear a single song off of it without being reminded of that little cafe. This was my initial favorite off the album, and still remains my favorite today. I would often pair it up with Kate Bush’s song, Man With the Child In His Eyes back then, on mix tapes I would make, both songs representing timeless, eternal and ageless love, to me.

This song also reminds me of reading Richard Bach’s Bridge Across Forever, which I read around that same early 90’s time, and which also ties into the timeless, eternal and ageless love theme, to me.

Stay :: Belly

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