And every time you overdose :: songs and writings


Keep Art Alive :: Art by Jeremy Enecio

Your addiction and you are in love,
not star crossed.
I wait my turn.”

A recent song discovery, this is a song I find myself loving for a few, very differing reasons. From a musical and stylistic perspective, I love the feel good pop feeling of the song, the infectious melody, the feigned cheerfulness in the singing, the catchy lyrics – I love the way it feels that way, but that the song itself is so very, very dark. A love song, of sorts, about being in love with an addict, and being second to addiction. A song about mortality, and about being in that waiting zone of limbo, watching someone fade away right in front of you. I find the contradictions interesting, and the song much, much more than the first surface listen provides.

On a personal level, I love it for telling it like it is. Sometimes my musical loves are of the “I get this, I understand this, I fucking relate to this” variety, because rally, songs like that, they make me feel less alone in the world.

Reality is not always pretty, not even when it is wrapped up in catchy indie pop sounds like in this song.

Last Dance (live) :: The Raveonettes