forest girl

It shouldn’t hurt me to be free,
it’s what I really need,
to pull myself together.
But, if it’s so good being free,
would you mind telling me,
why I don’t know what to do with myself?”

In dreams we were friends, hands clasped and running. The air was unseasonably cool, the sun barely there, doing a catch me if you can dance between the low hanging trees. You said something I could not quite make out, but it made us both laugh, breathlessly, as we continued running. You were taller than I remembered, a little bit older, creases deep at the corner of each eye. I thought to myself that I never noticed how beautiful your eyes were. You turned quickly, facing me fast. I nearly fell right into your arms. You grabbed hold of me tightly, spinning me around, whispering softly into my hair “look right through there, it’s ours.”

I woke up before I could see it, or perhaps I just do not recall. All I can still sense were your hands on me, your breath warm on my skin, and a bright, blinding light in front of us.

To Be Free :: Emiliana Torrini

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