You’d surface face first and we’d share thought bubbles :: song of the day


Keep Art Alive :: Art by Kukula

And true affection floats.
True affection sinks like a stone.
I never felt so close,
I never felt so all alone.

I was out of  your league…
and you were twenty thousand underneath the sea,
waving affections.
You were out of my league,
at a distance,
that I didn’t want to see; 
wanted you nearer.”

Early mornings are where my clearest thoughts reside. There is something about the silences, the grace of a sun just risen sky, the lingering kiss of dreams on my skin, that just lights up the sparks in my mind. In the spirit of that I have been trying to capture some of the clarity, harness some of the creativity, and let myself breathe. This song came on as I passed my favorite bridge, the sun hitting it just so, the cool morning air blowing in through the half-opened window. If I could take a picture that caught the way a moment looks when bliss is hit, if only temporarily, that second would have been part of that bliss-album of snapshots. But, bliss is hard to capture, so instead I try to write it out. I replay the song, and I paint the images in the only way I know how – with words.

True Affection :: The Blow

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