Top Five Tuesday :: The Kills

The Kills are one of those artists that you truly and madly and deeply need to see play live. As much as I love their albums, and I do so love their albums, seeing them live is something else completely. There is energy, there is chemistry, there is heat and passion and fire, and the music just takes you over, drags you across the floor, turns you inside out and leaves you screaming for more. There are layers to their music, visceral beats and riffs, and songs that sneak in and slide under your skin, leaving you haunted in the very best way. Also, Alison is beyond sexy. She exudes a Jim Morrison type of gait and demeanor that just adds to the heat and the chemistry, especially live. But even in the recorded albums you can hear it, and feel it.

Coming up with my top five favorite songs from The Kills was harder than I anticipated, and beyond my number one choice, that on its own is one of my all-time favorite songs, would probably vary depending on the day, or sometimes the hour, but for today, right now, here are my top five favorites with a few words (three sentences worth) why.

5. Baby Says

Baby says she’s dying to meet you,
take you off and make your blood hum,
and tremble like the fairground lights

Sometimes the shoes felt too high, but she loved the way her shadow cast silhouette looked on the dirty city street, under the lamps, in the nearly there middle of the night. The music too, as she walked down the stairs and into the half-hidden door, it gave her that same jolt of inner confidence. She was hoping he would be there waiting for her on the other side.


4. Last Day of Magic

I’ll be the man with the broom,
if you’ll be the dust of the room,
and there’s only so much you can hide,
before I corner you

That last gasp, clawing for air and for touch, for purchase of your skin just one last time, it comes with its own heady sense of desire. We all know when the curtain is closing, when the story is winding its way to the end, and sometimes that turns itself into an insatiable need. This is definitely a “one last time” kind of song.


3. Cheap and Cheerful

I want you to be crazy,
’cause you’re boring baby when you’re straight.
I want you to be crazy,
’cause you’re stupid baby when you’re sane

Sometimes there is nothing quite as intimate as letting go and being a little crazy. We all hold back so much of who we are, but when we are with someone we trust sometimes we let go of all our masks and guises and layers of the day-to-day and we just let our hair down, let our freak flags fly. We all go a little mad sometimes, don’t we?


2. The Good Ones

Once in a while, once in a while,
you got to burn your lips,
keep your feelings alive.
Once in a while, once in a while,
you got to burn down your house,
keep your dreaming alive

We raced through the streets, linked arms and hearts, chemicals spinning around in our bloodstream. We were feeling everything and nothing all at once, chasing after some kind of feeling, release, need that was always just three steps out of reach. For a little while, though, we made each other unforgettably happy as we burned our little worlds down.


1. Black Balloon

Let the weather have its way with you.”

It is immeasurable how much I love this song. There is a character I have been writing and developing and breathing life into that was born from this song, and from the way it makes me feel. This is the stuff of vampire stories that do not fucking sparkle, and the stuff of eroticism and romance that are not in any kind of 50 shades, but so much, so much, so much more.



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