The 80’s :: Time is on your side


Young hearts be free tonight. time is on your side,
Don’t let them put you down, don’t let em push you around,
Don’t let em ever change your point of view.”

History Lesson: Young Turks (sometimes incorrectly called Young Hearts) is a song by Rod Stewart that first appeared on his album Tonight I’m Yours. The term “Young Turk” is slang for a rebellious youth who acts contrary to what is deemed normal by society.  After bowing at No. 61 on 17 October 1981, the song peaked at No. 5 on the Hot 100 in December of 1981 – January 1982. The song also peaked at No. 11 on the UK Singles Chart and at No. 3 in Australia.

Young Turks was the first video played on MTV that contained break dancing. It was released a few months after MTV went on the air, and benefited from lots of play on the channel. Of about 200 videos in MTV’s rotation, Stewart had about 40. Says Appice: “The videos were cutting edge. He had top-of-the line people. When I first joined him, the first video we did was for ‘Hot Legs,’ and that was a great video. It was played all over the world. For every album we did with Rod, we did 2 or 3 videos. There were a lot of stations that would play videos. There were video outlets in Australia and England. Top Of The Pops would play the videos all the time.”

E.G. Daily, familiar face from movies like Valley Girl, Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure’s, Loverboy and Streets of Fire, plays Patti in the music video for Young Turks.

Personal Reflection: When I was an adolescent my first break your heart love was of the unrequited kind, as most love stories set in the teenage years tend to be. We were the best of friends, though, so there was a closeness, even if it was not the kind of close my heart yearned for. We spent so much time together, mostly driving around with his best friend, the three of us forming a bond and becoming a kind of found family. We made plans to run away from everything that was hurting us, mapping out pathways and saving money when we could. I remember one night so vividly, walking around an area in Los Angeles, looking at some of the small bungalows, some of them in need of so much love and attention, much like we were. We sat in front of one and my first love grabbed hold of my left hand, knotting his fingers with mine, and said “we should move in here, make it our home.”

It would never happen, and part of me knew it even then, but oh how I wanted it to be true. I wanted us to run away like those young lovers from the 60’s movies we used to watch, curled up together on his bed, or like Billy and Patti, in this song. But, the truth is, he would have rather run off with Billy, then Patti, or me. Some loves are ill-fated and impossible from the start, but that does not make them any less real, or memorable.


Young Turks :: Rod Stewart

the 80’s

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