Willing to Wait :: Sebadoh
Friday Five

5 Things this song reminds me of:

1. That one unrequited, never quite got there, “what if” relationship that never really goes away. It was a case of bad timing, of insurmountable insecurities, and not figuring it all out soon enough that we both felt the same. Makes for good writing, they say – that kind of unfinished love – but I think I would have preferred to have had a start, a middle, and an end.

2. That week in Las Vegas, in the Summer of ’96. Time meant nothing after awhile. We stayed out far past the return of the sun, and slept in short spurts, if at all. The heat, the gaudy lights, the shared smokes and toasts over beers and shots of whiskey, playing hide-and-seek at 4am in the hotel hallways – I remember all of it. But, mostly I remember that night by the pool, the endless conversation, this song playing on the cassette player we had hauled out with us (a mixed tape I had made, this, we discovered was a favorite song and band of both of ours), and the most unforgettable kiss I have ever had.

3. How much I love Lou Barlow.

4. The line “and no one’s sure if we should be together“, and what that used to mean to me. Star-crossed love, almost as heartbreaking and hard to resist as unrequited love, isn’t it? And if it is both, oh what damage that can do.

5. Waiting for someone and waiting for love – does anyone ever really wait long enough? Or, do we all just give up and settle for something less?


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