Music and television can sometimes be very delightful bed fellows when the right mix of a song on a soundtrack, and  a cinematic scene connect and click and move the viewer. Often, though, shows will use a song to force a mood or emotion on the viewer, which ends up feeling too heavy handed and manipulative to me. Or, another televised musical failing to me, is when a show includes too many songs in an obvious attempt to promote the network/companies musical artists via their other properties. I love well done music videos, as this space will attest, but when I tune in to watch an actual televised, scripted program I do not wish for it to feel like an extended mix video. Sometimes, though, the music really works and the viewer is overcome by the chill-inducing, moving moment and the song used sticks with you, haunting you in some ways, leaving you to chase after it for days after trying to experience the feeling again.

There have been a few lately that have done just that to me, moved me and left me wanting more. Here are five of my recent favorites that had me on the quest to find them, with the show they helped to accompany:

1. Come As You Are :: The Civil Twilight from SyFy’s Defiance:

DEFIANCE_510x317 (1)

2. Sister Song :: Perfume Genius from Netflix’s Hemlock Grove


3. To Wish Impossible Things :: The Cure from E4’s My Mad Fat Diary



4. The Killing Moon :: (The) Silent Days from Fox’s The Following



5. Casino :: Clare Bowen & Sam Palladio from ABC’s Nashville



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